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Arizona State Tax Help

Getting the Arizona State Tax Help You Need

If you’re an Arizona resident or business owner struggling with state tax issues like bills you can’t afford to pay, tax return errors leading to penalties, or audit disputes with the Arizona Department of Revenue, our tax relief team provides the Arizona state tax help you need.

Common Arizona Tax Problems We Can Help Resolve

For Arizona Businesses:

  • Sales, use and business privilege tax issues
  • Failure to pay corporate incomes taxes
  • Penalties for inaccurate business tax returns

For Arizona Residents:

  • Owing back taxes from previous years  
  • Inability to fully pay state tax bills 
  • Interest and fees adding up

Arizona Tax Relief Options Our Firm Uses

  • Installment Payment Plans – Set up affordable monthly payments to Arizona
  •  Offers in Compromise – Negotiate reduced settlement amount  
  • Currently Not Collectible – Pause Arizona enforced collections 
  •  Penalty Abatement Requests – Remove failure to file/pay penalties
  • Appeal Audit Findings – Provide documentation to reverse audit results

Stop Stressful Arizona Tax Collections and Seizures

If you receive a notice from the Arizona Department of Revenue demanding quick payment of taxes or threatening next steps, acting quickly is essential to avoid additional enforcement actions like:
  • Tax liens placed on property
  • Bank levies 
  • Garnishing of wages
  • Suspended business licenses
  • Seizing assets

Our tax experts can provide the Arizona tax help you need to resolve state tax problems and negotiate the lowest payment plans, settlements or penalty reductions. Contact our firm today for help!