Personal Tax Help

Personal Taxes

Dealing with personal tax matters can be complex and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. At Tax Help Associates, we specialize in a wide range of personal tax services designed to bring you peace of mind and effective solutions. From federal and state taxes to more intricate issues like levies and garnishments, our team is equipped to handle your unique situation with expertise and empathy.

Federal Income Tax (IRS)

Federal tax issues can be intricate and intimidating. We provide comprehensive assistance with your IRS tax concerns, ensuring your federal tax filings are accurate, compliant, and optimized for your financial benefit.

State Income Tax

Every state has its own tax laws, which can add layers of complexity to your tax situation. Our experts are well-versed in state-specific tax regulations, providing personalized guidance and support to ensure your state tax obligations are met efficiently.

Bank Levies

Facing a bank levy can be a distressing experience. We help you navigate through this challenging process, working towards releasing levies and negotiating with tax authorities to protect your financial assets.

Wage/SS Garnishments

If you’re dealing with wage or Social Security garnishments, our team works diligently to negotiate with tax authorities. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate garnishments, helping to alleviate financial strain and protect your earnings.

Asset Protection

Preserving your assets in the face of tax liabilities is crucial. We offer strategic asset protection services, ensuring your hard-earned assets are safeguarded while addressing any tax obligations you may have.

Missing Tax Filings

Missed tax filings can lead to significant complications. Our team assists in rectifying any missing filings, bringing you up to date with the IRS and state tax authorities, and minimizing potential penalties.

Tax Liens

Tax liens can severely impact your financial standing. We specialize in addressing tax lien issues, working towards their removal and ensuring your financial health is not adversely affected.


Audits can be daunting, but with our expertise, they don’t have to be. We provide comprehensive support during audits, representing and guiding you every step of the way to ensure a fair and favorable outcome.