IRS Tax Help

Getting the IRS Tax Help You Need

If you’re struggling with business or personal IRS tax issues, we provide the IRS tax help you need to resolve tax debts, audits, penalties and more. Our team has decades of combined experience successfully assisting taxpayers in situations just like yours.

Common IRS Tax Problems We Can Help With

For Businesses:

  • Payroll tax issues (failed to pay 941 taxes properly)
  • Penalties for inaccurate business tax returns
  • Audits of business expenses, deductions or credits

For Individuals:

  • Unfiled or inaccurate personal tax returns
  • Large balances due for past years
  • Penalties and interest you can’t afford

IRS Tax Relief Options Our Tax Experts Use

  • Installment Agreements – Pay back taxes over 6 years
  • Currently Not Collectible status – Pause IRS collections Offer in Compromise – Settle tax debt for less than owed
  • Innocent Spouse Relief – Allocate tax debt to ex-spouse
  • Penalty Abatement Requests – Remove failure to file/pay penalties
Our team helps with IRS tax issues ranging from simple tax return errors to complex legal problems like bank levies or tax liens. If you need IRS tax help, contact our tax relief firm today.