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Getting the Tax Help Veterans Deserve

Veterans face unique financial circumstances and tax situations before, during and after active military duty. Navigating complex IRS rules and fast-approaching deadlines alone adds further stress. Thankfully, support is available.

Our tax relief firm provides the specialized tax help for veterans needed to:

  • File accurate returns and pay only what is actually owed
  • Take advantage of military tax benefits and programs
  • Resolve any resultant IRS issues from prior years

We sincerely thank you for your service and sacrifice. Read on for key information and tips making tax compliance smoother for veterans so you can get back on positive financial footing.

Common Tax Issues Facing Veterans

Military members juggle demanding training, frequent relocations, deployments overseas and transitioning between bases and civilian life – all making personal tax situations complicated.

Common tax problems include:

  • Failing to pay taxes on special combat or duty pay
  • Not filing returns while deployed or stationed abroad
  • Penalties for unreported retirement distributions
  • Need to catch up on many unfiled past returns

Stressful IRS notices or enforced collections like wage garnishments add further disruption. Let our tax relief experts simplify your situation.

Leveraging Military Tax Breaks

Along with difficulty comes opportunity. Congress enacted tax benefits exclusive to armed forces members easing burdens like:

  • Combat zone tax exclusion – No federal tax on military pay earned in designated combat zones. Deadlines for filing/paying taxes also extend.
  • Military Spouse Residency Act – Spouses keep original residency status when moving so income only taxed by one state.
  • Uniform cost and upkeep deductions – Reimburses costs of uniforms, travel expenses and more
  • VA disability pay – Disability benefits for injuries/illness during active duty are not taxed.
  • Military pension – Only retirement pay attributed to military service is tax exempt.

Your Tax Relief
Solution is Here

Filing Returns While Deployed

You must continue filing federal tax returns and paying any tax due during deployments. Seeing local tax prep help obviously proves difficult overseas. Attempting to tackle this alone rarely ends well given form complexity.

Thankfully, military base tax centers provide free e-filing through MilTax. Alternatively, reputable tax relief firms like Tax Help Attorneys offer remote tax preparation services using secure online portals providing expert help filing accurately.

We guide clients through gathering necessary documents then prepare complete returns clients review and e-approve for submission. Virtual meetings ensure deployments don’t delay filing.

Seeking Past Year Tax Relief

If relocations, overseas duties or other disruption left you behind on filing returns or with IRS issues like penalties for unreported retirement plan withdrawals, we make catching up smooth.

Our tax experts quickly reconstruct past year financial data then leverage special relief programs benefiting veterans facing collections like:

  • Installment agreements fitting current budgets
  • Penalty abatements due to overseas duties
  • Currently Not Collectible status halting IRS collection efforts.

We also educate on intricacies of military tax code frequently leading to IRS assessed tax discrepancies. Knowledge and experience brings swift resolutions so clients avoid enforced collections.

Why Tax Help for Veterans is Essential

Attempting to independently manage complicated tax situations while facing daily military demands rarely succeeds long-term.

The benefits of enlisting professional tax help for veterans includes:

  • Navigating specialized military tax rules civilian accountants may lack experience with
  • Remotely preparing/e-filing returns from anywhere ensuring deployment doesn’t equal delays
  • Quickly reconstructing accurate past returns essential for back tax relief
  • Resolving IRS issues and halting collections during financial hardship.
  • Discounts and flexible payment plans easing tax burdens

We sincerely thank veterans for serving our country when needed most. Let us serve you in return by providing simplified tax help and special savings.

Take Command of Your Tax Situation

If you need tax help related to military service, past filing delays, or resolving IRS issues, our dedicated tax relief team stands ready to assist. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get the tax clarity you deserve!

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